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[BBM Pin: 217ECD57] I've been in Prep School since I was 10. I started in middle school at The Fay School. I went to high school at Kent School. I have BA in Psychology, and a BA in Philosophy from Salve Regina University. I'm in Grad School getting my Masters Degree in Criminal Justice at Sacred Heart University. I'd say i'm pretty legit.




The Preps

Now that the distractions have ended, there is an issue needs to be addressed. I have been hearing this a lot lately..."Jason what are you? You're not like other black guys." Well, if you mean that i'm not a pants sagging, day durag wearing, boots on a summer day wearing, didn't finish school black guy...Then, thank you. (for you sensitive people out there, i'm sorry but facts need to be said)....Every group of people has those that make the majority look bad. So deal with it, i'm calling out the bad part of my people and if you don't like it then stop reading. Anyway, there seems to be a lot of groups out there. You have your guidos, jocks, mean girls, etc etc. Not a lot can be said about the "Preps" seeing how it is such a small group. A group that is steadily growing and not to be underestimated. The Preps I speak of are not to be confused with..

This traditional "trust-fund baby".

Honestly, a majority of the negatively associated Preps are just normal kids who were presented an opportunity. A majority of it has nothing to do with money, or status. Its not Harvard....Its a prep school. Do we think we are better? No. Do we think we have a chance at a better education? Yes. Is that where the slightly arrogant nature comes from? Probably. Its not something that we are born into. A Prep is made. Made through years of being misunderstood, being a loser with no "clique" that you belong to, being bad at sports, a ton of relationships, realizing you're not the smartest person in the room anymore, etc etc. What is so wrong with us that makes people cringe? Lets go down the list...

The girls are hot...

The campuses are gorgeous (except Loomis Chaffee and Choate...F*ck them both)

Competition is fierce in the Sporting world...

And did I mention the girls are hot??

Anyway, aside from a better insight about so many different kinds of people, along with vast educational competition, we also develop an amazing fashion sense. Something that sadly cannot be said for more other groups out there.

Guidos are only able to master hair gel and tan lines.

Jocks only know how to wear Letterman Jackets and be Bullys

and Mean girls generally know how to make being a self-righteous slutty bitch look cool. (Its not easy...shout out to Kent School...Middle Dorm South..."Take it like a slut"...Dont take offense its generalized...lets be real you were the "Mean Girls".)

As a Prep, I can say that I was sort of a jock seeing how we were required to play sports for three seasons, however, I never fell into that Post-Grad Jock Asshole group. Everyone that went to prep school knows what I mean. If you don't, that group is basically a bunch of guys who are too old for high school and spend another year doing sports in prep school in order to get into better schools for sports, because they are dumb assholes who's only hope lies in sports and girls have this unexplainable attraction towards them....that is, until they catch the clap or realize that they aren't the only one that the "PG" is nailing. Nah, I don't have a bias against Post Grads haha. Some are nice guys...and by "some" I mean about 2 or 3. Not for nothing...if you came to prep school for sports, it does not make you a prep...sorry. I mean as mentioned before, being a Prep is more than just wearing blazers and khakis. I've been going to Prep School since I was 10 years old. So who are you to come in for 1 year and say you are one of us. This goes for black guys who are only good at sports and get into prep schools....more power to you for the opportunity, but you're not in the group. Preps get into prep school because they we're smart enough to, or they had enough money. Period. Yea it sounds arrogant and conceited, but thats what it is. You're just going to have to deal.

Aside from going to mini-colleges before college and the attitude, not a lot of negative things can be said about the Prep. If more negative things are said, its probably the trust fund baby that is making us looks bad, or it is simply envy. The Preps are a well dressed, educated, slightly conceited, party loving, athletic, and ambitious group of individuals who are dangerous in numbers. If you don't believe me, why don't you go hang out on East 86th Street on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Theres no such thing as an Ex-Prep...some of us may be out of Prep School, but we never lose the attitude. So how about we stop making TV shows about roided up Guidos and start getting into the campuses and lifestyles of The Preps. From some of my stories alone...It'd be one of the most watched/controversial shows television has ever seen. If you are any other group and you don't like what was said in this article, just a word of advice...Do Not F*ck With Us, you no fashion sense, unambitious bum :-)

"The haze on Algo's height is grand, Morning unsheathes her fiery sword, The lovely valley of Kent, Come forth in the light to hail her lord; How fair upon the waking slope, The promise of the morning lies, And fair in waking hearts, the hope that climbs the bright auroral skies.

Always the valley flows with day, Always the hills of morning stand, Always the faith more strong than they, Will bear their voice from land to land. O heart that wakes in young content, Between the hills and river shore, Remember still thy dawn at Kent, 'Till dawn and darkness are no more."


bj.pivonka said...

That Jocks comment hurts my feelings. We are awesome.

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